Tentative Program

Day 1 Hall A
0800-0900 Clinicopathological ConferenceChair: D BeheraDiscussant: G C Khilnani (clinical), Ashim Das (pathology)
0900-1000 ICS oration 1ICS oration 2
1000-1115 Symposium: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Approach to patient with ILD Ganesh Raghu
Newer agents for treatment – pirfenidone, nintedanib ZarirUdwadia
Prognostic and functional parameters in ILD patients Neeraj Gupta
1115-1145 Panel: Managing chronic respiratory diseases at primary healthcare level through the NCD programme
Moderator: Dr R Guleria
Panelists: Aloke Ghoshal, J C Suri, D Behera
1145-1300 Symposium: Spectrum of pulmonary fungal disorders
Advances in diagnosis of fungal infections A Chakrabarti
Management of fungal infections in the ICU Vivek Nangia
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis Ritesh Agarwal
1300-13.30 LUNCH
1330-1430 NCCP Oration 1NCCP oration 2
1430-1545 Symposium: Management of COPD
Inhaled corticosteroids – early or late Nevin Kishore
Update on LABA-LAMA combination therapy Joydeep Gogtay
Blocking the airway – valves, coils, and more Rajiv Goyal
1545-1700 Respiratory failure
High-flow nasal oxygen for hypoxemic patients Mark Elliott
Extracorporeal support for refractory respiratory failure Harjit Dumra
Noninvasive ventilation for acute hypoxemic respiratory failure GC Khilnani
1800-1900 Evening Symposium
Day 1 Hall B
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1115 Symposium: ICS + LABA in COPD (GSK sponsored)
Role of ICS + LABA therapy in COPD Adam Hawkins
Indian perspective P Arjun
Panel discussion (Moderator: Raja Dhar)Panelists: R Vijai Kumar, Muralimohan, SuvraMitra, AngshumanMukhopahyay, Nitin Jain
1115-1145 Debate: Fluoroscopy for bronchoscopic lung biopsy
Fluoroscopy should be routinely used R Srinivasan
Fluoroscopy need not be used Karan Madan
1145-1300 Symposium: Recent advances in managing TB
End TB strategy: bending the curve R Solanki
Update on newer drugs and regimes for MDR TB Rohit Sarin
Pediatric TB Sushil K Kabra
1300-1330 LUNCH
1330-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 Symposium: Hospital acquired pneumonia
How to choose the appropriate antibiotics Rajesh Chawla
Are biomarkers useful for treatment initiation and continuation Randeep Guleria
Antibiotic stewardship in the respiratory ICU Sandeep Nayyar
1545-1700 Symposium: Precision medicine
New strategies, targets and molecules Raja Dhar
Lung microbiome Ruby Pawankar
Precision medicine in lung cancer G S Bhattacharya
Precision medicine in airway diseases Graham Burns
1700-1745 Panel discussion on Climate Change and Respiratory Health
Moderator: ML Gupta
1700-1745 Panelist: KB Gupta, Agam Vora, Kumar Utsav, JK Saini (LRS Institute)
1800-1900 Evening Symposium
Day 1 Hall C
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1115 Recent practice changing publications
New modalities to support acute respiratory failure Nagarjun M
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis Sandeep Katiar
1115-1145 Panel: Newer respiratory viral infections (SARS, H1N1, MERS, etc.)
Moderator: P S Tampi
Panelists: Sudhir Chaudhari, Shelly Shamim, Parvaiz Koul, Bhaskar N Choudhary
1145-1300 Acute respiratory distress syndrome
Ventilatory strategies for management Sumit Sen Gupta
Pharmacological adjuncts in management Subhash Todi
Utility of prone positioning Srinivas Rajagopala
1300-1330 LUNCH
1330-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 Symposium: Patient perspectives in respiratory care
End of life issues S K Jindal
Prevention of nosocomial pneumonia Uma Maheshwari
Anxiety and delirium in the ICU J V Divatia
1545-1700 Symposium: Pulmonary function tests in obstructive airway disease
Physiological assessment of air trapping Brendan Cooper
Current role of FEV1/FEV6 Rupak Singla
Oscillometry (FOT and IOS) Anurag Agarwal
1700–1745 PRO-CON debateLung Transplant in IndiaYes: -We are ready- Should be aggressively persued- Sanjeev Sinha (AIIMS)No: – we are not yet ready/Not appropriate for India – Dr Salil Bhargav
1800-1900 Evening Symposium
Day 1 Hall D
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1115 ICS Award session
1115-1145 ICS Award session (contd)
1145-1300 NAPCON Award Session 1
1300-1330 LUNCH
1300-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 NAPCON Award Session 2
1545-1700 Symposium: Controversies in pulmonary medicine I
Electronic nicotine delivery systems Raj Kumar
Asthma COPD overlap Lancelot Pinto
Domiciliary non-invasive ventilation in stable COPD Dipansu Ghosh
1700-1745 Panel Discussion: Scope of Pulmonary Medicine in IndiaModerator : Deepak Talwar/Dhrub ChaudhuryRam Raje, Santosh kumar (Agra), Rakesh Bhargava (AMU), Ajoy Honda, MS Barthwal, Prem Prakash Gupta
1800-1900 Evening Symposium
Day 2 Hall A
0800-0900 Meet the Professor
0900-1000 NCCP oration 3NCCP oration 4
1000-1115 Symposium: Pulmonary thromboembolism
When and whom to thrombolyse George D’Souza
Newer oral anticoagulants for treatment and prophylaxis P Bhattacharyya
Managing chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension Murali Mohan
1115-1145 Debate:Pleurodesis vs. indwelling drains for malignant pleural effusionModerator: Uma Maheswari
Pleurodesis is better Dharmesh Patel
Indwelling drain is better MohdMunnavvar
1145-1300 Symposium: Pulmonary sarcoidosis
Evolution of bronchoscopy as a diagnostic tool Atul Mehta
Decision to treat SahajalDhooria
Immunosuppressive agents – regimens and efficacy S K Sharma
1300-1300 LUNCH
1330-1430 ICS Oration 3ICS oration 4
1430-1545 Symposium: Asthma managementModerator- Sudhansu Kalra
Indian guidelines Indranil Haldar
Personalized therapy – does it work in asthma Deepak Talwar
Current status of endobronchial interventions V R Pattabhiraman
1545-1800 NAPCON Quiz
1800-1900 Evening Symposium
Day 2 Hall B
0800-0900 Meet the Professor
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1115 Symposium: Rare and orphan lung diseasesModerator: Dr Bharat Bhusan Sharma
Management of primary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis Pratibha Singhal
Approach to diagnosis of cystic lung diseases Herbert Wiedeman
Eosinophilic pneumonias SuranjanMukherji
1115-1145 Panel: Evaluation and management of bronchiectasis
Moderator: Anand Jaiswal
Panelists:, Prabhu Desai, KripeshSarmah, Jaideep Deb, Kumar Doshi, PP Roy
1145-1300 Symposium: Controversies in pulmonary medicine IIModerator: Surender Kashyap
Solitary pulmonary nodule – when is it malignant Narendra Bhatta
Domiciliary oxygen therapy for moderately hypoxemic patients T Balamugesh
Optimizing vasopressor therapy in septic shock Gyanendra Agrawal
1300-1330 LUNCH
1330-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 Symposium: Approach to common problemsChairperson: Jaikishan
Chronic refractory cough D J Christopher
Lung nodules on HRCT Suvro R Choudhary
Is my patient ready for weaning R K Mani
1545-1700 Symposium: How I do my bronchoscopic proceduresChairman: MR Patnaik, Chandna Reddy
Radial EBUS for diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary lesions Amit Dhamija
Transbronchial cryoprobe lung biopsy S Mahadevan
Rigid bronchoscopy for managing central airway tumours Jayachandra
1700-1745 Mini symposium: Simple strategies to tackle infections in a respiratory ICUChair Dr Naveen Dutt
Hand hygiene Asutosh Ghosh
Care of lines and tubes Rajesh Venkat
Cleaning and disinfection of equipment and ICU space Basanta Hazarika
1800-1900 Evening Symposium
Day 2 Hall C
0800-0900 Meet the Professor
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1115 Symposium: Mechanical ventilation
Newer modes of ventilation: are they really useful Rajni Bhat
Recognition and management of patient-ventilator asynchrony Vijay Hadda
Difficult weaning Javaid Malik
1115-1145 Panel: Role of corticosteroids in managing tuberculosis
Moderator: V K Jain
Panelists: SubirDey, Ritabrata Mitra, N K Jain, Amita Nene, S K Luhadia
1145-1300 Symposium: Future of Asthma – Is Indian Phenotype different? (sponsored by Astra Zeneca)
11.45-12.15 Asthma management in India in context of global guidelines Ravindra Mehta
12.15-13.00 Panel discussion: Future of asthmaPanelists: Neeraj Jain, Mrinal Sarkar, B P Singh, Debjyoti Bhatacharya, Hindol Dasgupta
1300-1330 LUNCH
1330-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 Recent practice changing publicationsModerator: Dr Ajit Singh
Top papers from Lung India and IJCDAS Parvaiz Koul
Evaluation and management of drug-resistant tuberculosis N Sarangdhar
1545-1700 Symposium: Primer on imaging for the pulmonologist
Metaphoric signs in CT imaging Robert Kotloff
CT angiography for diagnosis of pulmonary vascular disorders Ashu Seth
PET scans for malignant and non-malignant lung diseases B R Mittal
1700-1745 Panel: Choosing mode of delivery of inhaled drugs in airway disorders
Panelists: Sudhasnshu Kalra, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Lavina Mirchandani, Nishtha Singh, Prem Prakash Gupta
1800-1900 Evening Symposium
Day 2 Hall D
0800-0900 Meet the Professor
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1145 NCCP Award session
1145-1300 NAPCON Award Session 3
1300-1330 LUNCH
1330-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 NAPCON Award session 4
1545-1700 Symposium: Pleural disordersModerator: Javed Malik
Intrapleural agents for managing empyema BNBM Prasad
Primary spontaneous pneumothorax – VATS or medical thoracoscopy for management A K Janmeja
Is there still a place for closed pleural biopsy Surya Kant
1700-1745 Panel: Workup and management of cough
Moderator: Azmal Khan
Panelists: BP Singh, Shantha Kumar, Ajeet Singh, Pradyumn Sharma
1800-1900 Evening Symposium
Day 3 Hall A
0800-0900 Meet the Professor
0900-1015 Symposium: Convex probe endobronchial ultrasonography
Mediastinal staging of lung cancer Prashant Chajjed
EBUS in the diagnosis of granulomatous lung diseases Manoj Goyal
Rapid on-site evaluation – does it increase the diagnostic yield R Narasimhan
1015-1045 Debate: Semirigid vs. rigid thoracoscopy
Semirigid thoracoscopy is better S Roychaudhary
Rigid thoracoscopy is better Amir Khoja
1045-1200 Symposium: Thoracic surgery
Preoperative assessment before thoracic surgery S K Chhabra
Video-assisted and robotic surgery for lung cancer Arvind Kumar
Role of surgery in managing sequelae of pulmonary TB Ravindra Dewan
1200-1315 Symposium: Pulmonary involvement in systemic disorders
Pulmonary renal syndromes Ajay Handa
Connective-tissue disease and interstitial lung disease Alok Nath
Hepatopulmonary syndrome Rajiv Ranjan
1315-1415 LUNCH
1415-1515 Grand Round
1530-1600 Valedictory function
Day 3 Hall B
0800-0900 Meet the Professor
0900-1015 Symposium: Managing acute exacerbations of chronic respiratory disorders
Bronchial asthma S N Gaur
COPD S K Katiyar
Interstitial lung disease (including IPF) ManojPanigrahi
1015-1045 Panel: Ending tuberculosis by 2035 – dream or reality
Moderator: Sunil Kharpade
Panelists: K K Chopra, V S Salhotra, Ranjani Ramachandran, Prahalad Kumar
1045-1200 Symposium: How I do it
Patient on antiplatelet/anticoagulant drugs – considerations for bronchoscopy and surgery Anirban Sarkar
Management of massive hemoptysis Rakesh Chawla
Evaluation and treatment of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis Inderpaul Sehgal
1200-1315 Symposium: Air pollution and respiratory health
Is our air fit to breathe: quantifying ambient air quality Sundeep Salvi
Respiratory effects of diesel exhaust particles P A Mahesh
Indoor air pollution: does exposure reduction equal risk reduction Kalpana Balakrishnan
1315-1345 LUNCH
1345-1500 Symposium: Inhalation therapy
How to choose the appropriate inhaler device for a patient Sujeet Rajan
Inhaled steroids and respiratory infections: is the risk real Rajendra Prasad
Utility of inhaled antimicrobials A AMahashur
1500-1530 Valedictory function in Hall A
Day 3 Hall C
0800-0900 Meet the Professor
0900-1015 Symposium: Lung cancer diagnostics
Screening for lung cancer Anant Mohan
What’s new in lung cancer staging K T Prasad
Putting a label: from microscopy to molecular genetics Navneet Singh
1015-1045 Panel: Training and mentorship – the way forward for pulmonary specialists
Moderators: Narayan Mishra and Pranab Baruwa
Panelists: VK Jain, V Thanasekaraan, P T James, B N Panda, Somnath Kundu
1045-1200 Symposium: Sleep disordered breathingModerator Dhrubjyoti Roy
Sleep studies – techniques and protocols Abhishek Goyal
Obesity hypoventilation syndrome Ravindra Sarnaik
How to choose correct mode for positive pressure therapy J C Suri
1200-1315 Symposium: Community acquired pneumonia
Severity assessment Vishal Chopra
Rational use of antibiotics Alladi Mohan
Adult vaccines for prevention of pulmonary infections Raj B Singh
1315-1345 LUNCH
1345-1500 Symposium: Environmental lung diseases
Environmental silicosis M L Gupta
Physiological basis for complications at high altitude Julie Lloyd
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis Sheetu Singh
1500-1530 Valedictory function in Hall A
Day 3 Hall D
0800-0900 Meet the Professor
0900-1015 Recent practice changing publications
Management of COPD SubhasisMukherji
Management of bronchial asthma Sonia Dalal
1015-1045 Panel: Writing research grants and publishing papers
Moderator: D Behera
Panelists: S Kashyap, S Katiyar, Mohd Sabir, Sundeep Salvi, Angira Dasgupta
1045-1200 Symposium: Lung diseases in the immunocompromised host
Systemic steroid therapy and risk of tuberculosis J K Samaria
Infectious complications in people living with HIV Upasana Aggarwal
Noninfectious complications of solid organ transplant Ramanathan RMPL
1200-1315 Symposium: Outcome tools in chronic respiratory disorders
Measuring dyspnea P R Gupta
Walk tests Gautam Ahluwalia
Health-related quality of life Zia Hashim
1315-1345 LUNCH
1345-1500 Symposium: What’s new in management of advanced lung cancer
Interventional pulmonology procedures Sushil Agarwal
Personalized cancer chemotherapy P R Mohapatra
Immune checkpoint inhibitors R Paliwal
1500-1530 Valedictory function in Hall A