Program Day 01 (17-11-2017)

Time Topic Speaker Chair
0800-0900 Clinicopathological Conference
Chair: D Behera
Discussant: G C Khilnani (clinical), Uma Saikia (pathology)
K.J.R. Murthy Oration Award
Virendra Singh
Rajesh Chawla
Surya kant, Rajesh Swarnakar
1000-1115 Symposium: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Supported by BI
Sanjeev Sinha
Saswata Ghosh,
  • Approach to patient with ILD
Ganesh Raghu
  • Newer agents for treatment – pirfenidone, nintedanib
P K Thomas
  • Prognostic and functional parameters in ILD patients
Nitin Abhyankar
1115-1145 Panel: Managing chronic respiratory diseases at primary healthcare level through the NCD programme
Moderator: Dr R Guleria
Panelists: D Ganguli, A G
Ghoshal, D Behera
1145-1300 Symposium: Spectrum of pulmonary fungal disorders Amit Mandal
Sumitra Basuthakur
B N Panda
  • Advances in diagnosis of fungal infections
Sanjeev Mehta
  • Management of fungal infections in the ICU
  • Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
Ritesh Agarwal
1230-1430 FLEXI LUNCH
1330-1430 Raman Viswanathan Memorial Chest Oration
R. C. Jain Memorial Chest Oration
N. K. Jain
S. K. Sarkar
S N Gaur
Rajesh Solanki
1430-1545 Symposium: Management of COPD
Supported by CIPLA
Jaharlal Ghosh
K N Poddar
  • Inhaled corticosteroids – early or late
Nevin Kishore
  • LABA LAMA update- Back to the future
Deepak Talwar
  • Blocking the airway – valves, coils, and more
Rajiv Goyal
1545-1700 Respiratory failure SN Gaur
DrMahendra Kumar
Biswanath Chakraborty
  • High-flow nasal oxygen for hypoxemic patients
Mark Elliott
  • Extracorporeal support for refractory respiratory failure
  • Noninvasive ventilation for acute hypoxemic respiratory failure


GC Khilnani
1700- 1745 Panel Discussion: Sleep Disorders- Outside the domain of OSA
Moderator- Dhrubojyoti Roy
HimanshuGarg,Mahavir Modi, Pratibha Dogra, DiptiGothi, Amiya Duwari
1930 onwards Dinner Gold Acre /P.C. Chandra, Arupota 144,EM Bypass
Time Topic Speaker Chair
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1115 Recent practice changing publications AtinDey
Sibes Das
New modalities for management of acute respiratory failure Nagarjun M
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis BarnaliDatta
Air travel in Respiratory disease SujeetRajan
1115-1145 Panel: Newer respiratory viral infections (SARS, H1N1, MERS, etc.)
Moderator: P S Tampi
Panelists:  Shelly Shamim, ParvaizKoul, Bhaskar N Choudhary
1145-1300 Acute respiratory distress syndrome SourinBhuiya
Sourindranath Banerjee
  • Ventilatory strategies for management
  • Pharmacological adjuncts in management
Anirban Sarkar
  • Utility of prone positioning
Srinivas Rajagopala
1230-1430 FLEXI LUNCH
1330-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 Symposium: Approach to common problems Jyotirmay Pal
Udas Ghosh
Md. Omar
Chronic refractory cough D J Christopher
Lung nodules on HRCT Ashu Seth
Management of Massive Haemoptysis Rakesh Chawla
1545-1715 Symposium: Pulmonary function tests and Lung Physiology Soumya Das
MS Sundrani
  • Physiological assessment of air trapping
Brendan Cooper
  • Current role of FEV1/FEV6
  • Oscillometry (FOT and IOS)


Anurag Agarwal
Physiological basis for complications at high altitude Julie Lloyd
1715-1815 ICS General Body Meet
1930 0nwards Dinner Gold Acre / P.C. Chandra 144,Arupota, EM Bypass
Time Topic Speaker Chair
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1115 Symposium: ICS + LABA in COPD
Supported by GSK
C.S. Ghosh
  • Role of ICS + LABA therapy in COPD
Adam Hawkins
  • Indian perspective
P Arjun
  • Panel discussion (Moderator: Raja Dhar)
  • Panelists: R VijaiKumar, Muralimohan, SubhraMitra, AngshumanMukhopahyay, Nitin Jain
1115-1145 Debate: Fluoroscopy for bronchoscopic lung biopsy. Moderator- Ranjan Das, Rupam Ta
Fluoroscopy should be routinely used Arjun Srinivasan
Fluoroscopy need not be used Karan Madan
1145-1300 Symposium: “Roll-Out of Bedaquiline – A New Anti-TB Drug” D. Behera
  • Opening Remarks by Moderator/Chair
  • Summary of Bedaquiline usage across the World and Overview of published clinical evidence
Vijay Kumar Kadam
  • Programmatic roll-out of Bedaquiline under RNTCP: The Journey
Lalit Mahendru
  • Overview of Experiences underBedaquiline Conditional Access Program
Dr Rohit Sarin
  • Discussion among Panelists and Q&A session with audience
Dr D Behera
  • Summary of Discussion
1230-1430 FLEXI LUNCH
1330-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 Symposium: Hospital acquired pneumonia Pawan Agarwal Anupam Patra
Priyanka Ghosh
  • How to choose the appropriate antibiotics
Suresh Koolwal
  • Are biomarkers useful for treatment initiation and continuation
  • Antibiotic stewardship in the respiratory ICU
 G C Khilnani
1545-1715 Symposium: Precision medicine A.G.Ghoshal
Mark Elliott
  • New strategies, targets and molecules
Raja Dhar
  • Lung microbiome
Ruby Pawankar
  • Precision medicine in lung cancer
G S Bhattacharya
  • Precision medicine in airway diseases
Graham Burns
1715-1750 Panel discussion on Climate Change and Respiratory Health
Moderator: AgamVora
Panelist: KB Gupta, ML Gupta, Kumar Utsav, JK Saini (LRS Institute)
1930 onwards Dinner Gold Acre /P.C. Chandra, 144 , Arupota,EM Bypass
Time Topic Speaker Chair
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1115 ICS Award session
1115-1145 ICS Award session (contd)
1145-1300 NAPCON Award Session 1
1230-1430 FLEXI LUNCH
1300-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 NAPCON Award Session 2
1545-1700 Symposium: Controversies in pulmonary medicine I Rabindranath Bhattachariya
Narendra Raval
  • End of Life Issues
S.K. Jindal
  • Asthma COPD overlap
Lancelot Pinto
  • Domiciliary non-invasive ventilation in stable COPD
Milind Sovani
1700-1745 Panel Discussion: Scope of Pulmonary Medicine in India
Moderator : DhruvChaudhury
Ram Raje, Santosh kumar (Agra), Rakesh Bhargava (AMU), Rajendra Prasad
1930 onwards Dinner Gold Acre /P.C. Chandra 144,Arupota, EM Bypass

Program Day 02 (18-11-2017)

Time Topic Speaker Chair
0900-1000 K. C. Mohanty Chest Oration
S. K. Katiyar Chest Oration
M. K. Sen
Neeraj Gupta
S N Gaur
Rajesh Solanki
1000-1115 Symposium: Pulmonary thromboembolism T. Mohankumar
Swapnendu Mishra
  • When and whom to thrombolyse
George D’Souza
  • Newer oral anticoagulants for treatment and prophylaxis
  • Managing chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension
Murali Mohan
1115-1145 Debate:Pleurodesis vs. indwelling drains for malignant pleural effusion
Moderator: R Narasimhan
  • Pleurodesis is better
Dharmesh Patel
  • Indwelling drain is better
1145-1300 Symposium: Pulmonary sarcoidosis K Srikanth
Souvik Barman
Ashish Tandon
  • TB versus Sarcoidosis- Is this still a diagnostic conundrum?
Sumit Sengupta
  • Decision to treat
Ashok Shah
  • Immunosuppressive agents – regimens and efficacy
S K Sharma
1230-1430 FLEXI LUNCH
1330-1430 .
C.V. Ramakrishna Oration
Sudhir Chaudhri
Surya kant,
Rajesh Swarnakar
1430-1545 Symposium: Asthma management
Supported by CIPLA
Sumit Roy Tapadar
Nisha Keshari Bhatta
  • Indian guidelines
  • Personalized treatment – role of biologic agents in asthma.
  • Current status of endobronchial interventions
V R Pattabhiraman
1545-1800 NAPCON Quiz
1930 onwards Banquet Cafe Ekante/ Eco Island, Eco park, Newtown
Time Topic Speaker Chair
0800-0900 Meet the Expert GRAHAM BURNS
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1115 Symposium: Primer on imaging for the pulmonologist Pradyumna Sharma
Arup Halder
Sanjoy Gupta
Metaphoric signs in CT imaging Atul Mehta
CT angiography for diagnosis of pulmonary vascular disorders Vimal Raj
PET scans for malignant and non-malignant lung diseases DipanjanMitra
1115-1145 Panel: Role of corticosteroids in managing tuberculosis
Moderator:  N K Jain
Panelists: SubirDey, Deepak Shah, P D Motiani, V K Jain
1145-1300 Symposium: Newer perspectives in asthma (sponsored by Astra Zeneca) C. Chandrashekhar
  • Asthma management in India in context of global guidelines
Ravindra Mehta
  • Panel discussion: Future of asthma

Moderator: B P Singh

  • Panelists: Neeraj Jain, Mrinal Sarkar, K Satish, Debjyoti Bhattacharya, M S Barthwal
1230-1430 FLEXI LUNCH
1330-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 Recent practice changing publications Debjyoti Bhattacharya BibhoreSengupta
Siddharta Kumar Das
  • Top papers from Lung India and IJCDAS
  • Evaluation and management of drug-resistant tuberculosis
Amita Nene
Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Sheetu Singh
1545-1700 Symposium: Mechanical ventilation Ranjit Singh
R N Mania
G N Srivastava
Newer modes of ventilation: are they really useful Rajni Bhat
Recognition and management of patient-ventilator asynchrony Vijay Hadda
Airway Management in critically ill Suresh Ramsubban
1700-1745 Panel: Choosing mode of delivery of inhaled drugs in airway disorders
Moderator: S K Luhadia
Panelists: SudhasnshuKalra, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, LavinaMirchandani, Nishtha Singh, Prem Prakash Gupta
1745-1845 NCCP-I General Body Meet
1930 onwards Banquet Cafe Ekante/ Eco Island, Eco park, Newtown
Time Topic Speaker Chair
0800-0900 Meet the Expert MARK ELLIOTT
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1115 Symposium: Rare and orphan lung diseases Arunabha Dutta Choudhury
Sujit Bhattacharya
Mukul Chakraborty
  • Management of primary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
  • Approach to diagnosis of cystic lung diseases
Robert Kotloff
  • Eosinophilic pneumonias
1115-1145 Panel: Evaluation and management of bronchiectasis
Moderator:PPRoy,Anand Jaiswal
Panelists: KripeshSarmah, Jaideep Deb, Kumar Doshi, H J Singh
1145-1300 Symposium: Controversies in pulmonary medicine SurendraKashyap
Sanjoy Gupta
  • Solitary pulmonary nodule – when is it malignant
Narendra Bhatta
  • Domiciliary oxygen therapy for moderately hypoxemic patients
T Balamugesh
  • Optimizing vasopressor therapy in septic shock
Gyanendra Agrawal
1230-1430 FLEXI LUNCH
1330-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 Symposium: Patient perspectives in respiratory care AshokeSengupta
Aratrika Das
Surajit Chatterjee
Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Raj Kumar
Prevention of nosocomial pneumonia Uma Maheshwari
Anxiety and delirium in the ICU AlpaDalal
1545-1700 Symposium: How I do my bronchoscopic procedures MR Pattanaik, Chandna Reddy
Santanu Ghosh
  • Radial EBUS for diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary lesions
Amit Dhamija
  • Transbronchialcryoprobe lung biopsy
S Mahadevan
  • Rigid bronchoscopy for managing central airway tumours
1700-1745 Mini symposium: Simple strategies to tackle infections in a respiratory ICU Abhijit Mondol
PP Bhattacharjee
Anis Kumar Khan
  • Hand hygiene
R. Shyam Krishnan
  • Care of lines and tubes
Rajesh Venkat
  • Cleaning and disinfection of equipment and ICU space
Basanta Hazarika
1930 onwards Banquet Cafe Ekante/ Eco Island, Eco park, Newtown
Time Topic Speaker Chair
0800-0900 Meet the Expert MILIND SOVANI
0900-1000 Orations in Hall A
1000-1145 NCCP Award session
1145-1300 NAPCON Award Session 3
1230-1430 FLEXI LUNCH
1330-1430 Orations in Hall A
1430-1545 NAPCON Award session 4
1545-1700 Symposium: Pleural disorders M S Barthwal
Malay Maikap
Javed Malik
  • Intrapleural agents for managing empyema
BNBM prasad
  • Primary spontaneous pneumothorax – VATS or medical thoracoscopy for management
A K Janmeja
  • Is there still a place for closed pleural biopsy
Surya Kant
1700-1745 Panel: Workup and management of cough
Moderator: Dr Rajesh Solanki
Panelists: Nikhil Sarangdhar,Shantha Kumar, Ajeet Singh, Deependra Rai, B O Tayade
1930 onwards Banquet Cafe Ekante / Eco Island, Eco park, Newtown

Program Day 03 (19-11-2017)

Time Topic Speaker Chair
0900-1015 Symposium: Convex probe endobronchial ultrasonography Mita Roy Sengupta Sandeep Mondol
Anirban Das
  • Mediastinal staging of lung cancer
Atul Mehta
  • EBUS in the diagnosis of granulomatous lung diseases
Manoj Goyal
  • Rapid on-site evaluation – does it increase the diagnostic yield
Debdeeep Dey
1015-1045 Debate: Semirigid vs. rigid thoracoscopy
Moderator:  Arvind Kumar
Semirigidthoracoscopy is better SusmitaRoychaudhury
Rigid thoracoscopy is better Amir Khoja
1045-1200 Symposium: Thoracic surgery Nasser Yusuf
Motilal Mukherjee Sabyasachi Chowdhury
  • Preoperative assessment before thoracic surgery
Ajmal Khan
  • Video-assisted and robotic surgery for lung cancer
Arvind Kumar
  • Role of surgery in managing sequelae of pulmonary TB
Ravindra Dewan
1200-1315 Symposium: Inhalation therapy Rupak Ghosh AbinashAgarwala
Tapas Das Bairagya
  • How to choose the appropriate inhaler device for a patient
Narayan Mishra
  • Inhaled steroids and respiratory infections : Is the risk real
Salil Bhargava
  • Utility of inhaled anti microbials
1315-1415 Grand Round
Moderator: , A G Ghoshal,R. Guleria
Presenters: Vijai Kumar, Shubham Sharma, Vishnu Sharma, AvikGhoshal
1415-1430 Valedictory function
1430 LUNCH
Time Topic Speaker Chair
0800-0900 Meet the Expert AnsumanMukhopadhyay
0900-1015 Symposium: Lung cancer diagnostics Debabani Biswas
Prabir Kr Sengupta
K P Govindan
  • Screening for lung cancer
Sandeep Nayyar
  • What’s new in lung cancer staging
K T Prasad
  • Putting a label: from microscopy to molecular genetics
Narendra Khippal
1015-1045 Panel: Training and mentorship – the way forward for pulmonary specialists
Moderators: A G Ghoshal
Panelists: R Guleria, V Thanasekaraan, P T James, SomnathKundu, Asutosh Ghosh, C Chandrasekar
1045-1200 Symposium: Sleep disordered breathing Soumya Ghosh
Sanjay Kumar
  • Sleep studies – techniques and protocols
Arup Halder
  • Obesity hypoventilation syndrome
  • How to choose correct mode for positive pressure therapy
P P Bose
1200-1315 Symposium: Environmental lung diseases Malay Kr. Maitra
Niranjan Sit
Samadarshi Dutta
  • Environmental silicosis
M L Gupta
  • Asbestos Related Lung disease- Epidemic waiting to happen in India?
Sandeep Katiyar
  • Effect of Environment on Airways disease
1315-1415 Symposium: Community acquired pneumonia Amiya Dwari
  • Severity assessment
Vishal Chopra
  • Rational use of antibiotics
Alladi Mohan
  • Adult vaccines for prevention of pulmonary infections
Raj B Singh
1415-1430 Valedictory function in Hall A
1430 LUNCH
Time Topic Speaker Chair
0800-0900 Meet the Expert Atul Mehta
0900-1015 Symposium: Managing acute exacerbations of chronic respiratory disorders JyotiPattanaik
Rabindranath Mishra
  • Bronchial asthma
S N Gaur
  • COPD
S K Katiyar
  • Interstitial lung disease (including IPF)
1015-1045 Panel: Ending tuberculosis by 2035 – dream or reality
Moderator: D. Behera
Panelists: K K Chopra, Lalit Mahendru , RanjaniRamachandran, Prahalad Kumar, Subir De
1045-1200 Symposium: How I do it SomnathMitra
Sourav Biswas
  • Patient on antiplatelet/anticoagulant drugs – considerations for bronchoscopy and surgery
  • Is my patient ready for weaning
S K Todi
  • Evaluation and treatment of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis
Inderpaul Sehgal
1200-1315 Symposium: Air pollution and respiratory health BijoyKar
  • Respiratory effects of diesel exhaust particles
P A Mahesh
  • Indoor and Outdoor air pollution: Is our air fir to breathe?
Sundeep Salvi
1315-1415 Symposium: Pulmonary involvement in systemic disorders R.S.Mukherjee Angshuman Mukherjee (Jr)
  • Pulmonary renal syndromes
Md. Ikbal Hassan
  • Connective-tissue disease and interstitial lung disease
Subhasish Ghosh
  • Hepatopulmonary syndrome
Rajiv Ranjan
1415-1430 Valedictory function in Hall A
1430 LUNCH
Time Topic Speaker Chair
0900-1015 Recent practice changing publications Shyamal Sarkar
Pulak Jana
  • Management of COPD
Subhasis Mukherjee
  • Management of  asthma
  • Pulmonary Hypertension secondary to Lung diseases


Sonia Dalal
P S Bhattacharya
1015-1045 Panel: Writing research grants and publishing papers
Moderator: D Behera
Panelists: LalitaFernandes, Mohd Sabir, Sundeep Salvi
1045-1200 Symposium: Lung diseases in the immunocompromised host PD Motiani
Ali Hossen
  • Systemic steroid therapy and risk of tuberculosis
J K Samaria
  • Infectious complications in people living with HIV
Upasana Aggarwal
  • Noninfectious complications of solid organ transplant
Ramanathan RMPL
1200-1315 Symposium: Outcome tools in chronic respiratory disorders B.K Meghwal  (Udaipur)
  • Measuring dyspnea
P R Gupta
  • Walk tests
Gautam Ahluwalia
  • Health-related quality of life
Zia Hashim
1315-1415 Symposium: What’s new in management of advanced lung cancer SaifuddinBennor
Ravi Dosi
  • Palliation in advanced lung Cancer including advanced interventional procedures.
Supriya Sarkar
  • Personalized cancer chemotherapy
P R Mohapatra
1415 – 1430 Valedictory function in Hall A
1430 LUNCH