Click here to take the Demo Quiz

  • This is an online quiz which will be attempted by pre-registered teams that have been nominated by their HODs.
  • Online quiz will go live on Saturday – 14th October 2017 between 5.00 – 6.00 pm on the NAPCON website. Demo quiz can be attempted by the students beforehand to understand the pattern.
  • Quiz will be jointly attempted by both team members.
  • Once the quiz is attempted, the same team will not be able to log in again.
  • The following data is mandatory to be filled up on the home page of the quiz link: Name, Phone Number, Email ID, Name of medical college & City of both the nominee. 10-digit mobile number must be correct.
  • Before attempting the quiz, students should
    • Confirm good internet connectivity.
    • Read the instructions carefully.
    • Check the zone to which your institute belongs
    • Attempt the dummy quiz to understand the pattern.
  • Quiz format
    • 30 MCQs (4 options with 1 correct answer)
    • 20 seconds will be given to attempt each question
    • After selecting one answer press ‘NEXT’
    • If you do not attempt the question, the next question will be displayed after 20seconds
  • Scoring system for each question is as follows –
    • If the team answers the question in first 10 seconds –30 marks scored
    • If the team answers the question between 10 – 15 seconds – 20 marks scored
    • If the team answers the question between 15 – 20 seconds – 10 marks scored
  • In case of a tie, total time taken to attempt the quiz will be considered.
  • At the end of the quiz, teams will be able to see their score.
  • Based on the nominations received, all regions are divided into 4 zones.

  • Details of the qualifying teams will be displayed on the website in 1 weeks’ time.
  • Final round will be conducted during NAPCON 2017, Kolkata!For any queries write to [email protected]